net cafe infrastructure
VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client

VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client 3.5

Developer VMware, Inc.

Create a self optimizing IT infrastructure with the virtual infrastructure suite.

CyberStar Timer

CyberStar Timer 2.7

Developer Top Line Computer Consulting

CyberStar Online Timer is a Net cafe timer and remote computer manager.

Secure Net Cafe Server

Secure Net Cafe Server 1.0

Developer Pyramid Software

LanTalk NET

LanTalk NET 3.6

Developer CEZEO software Ltd.

LanTalk NET office instant LAN messenger, WAN or Internet (without server).


NET Cafe Infrastructure

Net Cafe

Net Cafe 1.0

Developer Netasoft

Quest Domain Statistics Wizard

Quest Domain Statistics Wizard 1.4

Developer Quest Software, Inc

You can easily collect statistical data from your Microsoft infrastructure.

Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner

Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner 6.0

Developer Microsoft

The Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner is a diagnostic tool.

Net Cafe Monitor - Server

Net Cafe Monitor - Server 1.0

Microsoft .NET Framework Service Pack 2

Microsoft .NET Framework Service Pack 2 3.2

Developer Microsoft

Contains the common language runtime and class libraries built for the .NET.

Net Cafe Management

Net Cafe Management 1.0


Net Cafe Server

Net Cafe Server 1.2

Developer AKKAMMAL systems


InvGate 4.0

Developer Inventec

It comprehensively manages and tracks all IT assets across your organization.


Asad's HIFI NET CAFE 1.0

Developer User

Net Cafe AG2000

Net Cafe AG2000 1.0

Developer S A P W I C Microtechnology TM.


NET Cafe Infrastructure

InfraStruxure Operations PRO Pack

InfraStruxure Operations PRO Pack 1.0

Developer APC by Schneider Electric

Migrate your virtual machines from an impacted host server to a healthy one.

FIX Antenna NET

FIX Antenna NET 2.6

Developer B2BITS

FIX Antenna .NET integrates support of the FIX protocol.

Net Cafe Online

Net Cafe Online 1.3

Developer Net Cafe Online

Aspose.OCR for .NET

Aspose.OCR for .NET 1.0

Developer Aspose Pty Ltd

Aspose.OCR for .NET is a character recognition component for OCR functionality.

Brand IT Net Cafe for Clients

Brand IT Net Cafe for Clients 1.0

Net Cafe Monitor

Net Cafe Monitor 1.0

Developer SXS

ASP.NET 2 for the ASP Classic DeveloperApplication Infrastructure

ASP.NET 2 for the ASP Classic DeveloperApplication Infrastructure 1.0

Developer MSDN

Autodesk InfraWorks 2014

Autodesk InfraWorks 2014 3.0

Developer Autodesk Inc.

You can create 3D models to perform civil infrastructure design and planning.

Net Cafe Online Client

Net Cafe Online Client 5.1

Developer Net Cafe Client

Net Cafe Client

Net Cafe Client 6.1

Developer Net Cafe

Acrylic Wi-Fi HeatMaps

Acrylic Wi-Fi HeatMaps 3.0

Developer Tarlogic Security S.L.

Acrylic Wi-Fi HeatMapsis will enhance your wireless network deployment.

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